Orders are now open! Lead time is approx. 2-3 weeks. Thank you for choosing slow fashion.
Orders are now open! Lead time is approx. 2-3 weeks. Thank you for choosing slow fashion.
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Renew Earth SweatShop

Raeann Heng

There's an event happening at Temasek Shophouse right now, and if you aren't aware of it, it's the Renew Earth Sweatshop!

Renew Earth Sweatshop

The event has been extended to 31st Oct 2021.

Live at Temasek Shophouse!

I first joined the event in july as I wanted to meet like-minded creators who love to sew in the name of sustainability. Then they told me about the showcase and I was more than interested create some pieces for!

Upcycling and patchworking is definitely my jam. It is always fun to challenge myself to transform old and unwanted materials into something new and usable. 

Here are some of my creations available at the showcase: 

Patchwork dress


First to be made was this patchwork dress. I dug through the donated fabrics at the sweatshop space and found some colorful gingham patches.



Upcycling fashion ##fyp ##sewing ##sustainablefashion

♬ Dinero - Trinidad Cardona


The creation video is on Cheeky Feys Tiktok channel so you can see a snippet on how the process is like! Follow us on Tiktok too!

Crinkled Cotton upcycled dress

Second to be made was this crinkled cotton kids dress. Seems to me it was an old large sheet of fabric. The texture was quite interesting. Its light and flowy, a good material for a dress. 

linen casual shirt

The third was actually a matching set of cedar shirt for mum and bub. There was a huge amount of blue linen being donated, it was possibly an old table cloth. 

Paddle-pop tunic

Paddle-pop side

Linen tunic

Linen side

Lastly, with the remaining fabric I found from the space, I made this reversible patch work tunic. I chose the colors so it would have a paddle-pop feel. I love the colors!

The event also had a heat press session at one point, and I designed and made this, press on a scrap piece of white linen: 

Outer space, vinyl print

It was turned into a zipper pouch! 

 Outer space zipper pouch


On the opening day, I got to talk to other creators about their work and even got to try on some of their pieces!

Clothing tag

We have tags to tell a little bit more about the creation.

Muta.Wear clothing and crochet bag

Trying on Muta.Wear's creations!

Through this event, I was fortunate to be interview by theAsianParent and also a sound bite for a channel 8 program. 

Mediacorp Channel 8 filming Cheeky Feys sewing

If you have an interest in upcycling and sewing, do check out this event!

Sign up here for a slot!

Renew Earth Sweatshop creators

See you there!

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