Current lead time is average 1- 2 weeks! Happy to do customized idea too!
Current lead time is average 1- 2 weeks! Happy to do customized idea too!
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Let’s Meet Some Standards

Raeann Heng

It’s probably no surprise to you that we LOVE creating beautiful clothing for children. We believe there’s no need to ruin, pollute, or destroy Earth to achieve awesome wearable art.

Our pieces are all handmade in Singapore, with locally available fabrics.

Also, we feel that seamstresses deserve fair wages for their efforts. It takes lots of planning and hard work to create a single garment.

October carries deeps significance for our brand as we celebrate World Standards Day (October 14). Unlike fun and lively Halloween, World Standards Day centers on a serious subject. It’s a subject that echoes the Cheeky Feys vision. The date pays tribute to international standards in the economy, creating fairness for businesses, industries, and consumers.

It’s the same fairness that remains elusive for many seamstresses. By supporting Cheeky Feys and slow fashion, you can help improve the situation. We know that someday, every dedicated seamstress will receive the remuneration they deserve.

Right now, it’s still very much a distant goal. But as long as we believe in the vision, there’s always hope. And with hope, the most fantastic dreams become a reality.

Thank you for supporting Cheeky Feys so far. Let’s improve those standards together!


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