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Orders are now open! Lead time is approx. 2-3 weeks. Thank you for choosing slow fashion.
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Tutorial for scrap fabrics coaster, trivet or rug.

Raeann Heng

Ever wonder what can we do with scrap fabrics or old clothing lying around? There are plenty of upcycling ideas but I am here to share one about weaving and making a washable coaster, trivet or rug! All depends on the size you want. 

Video of the whole process is at the end of this article, do follow CheekyFeys on Tiktok if you like seeing more upcycling and sustainable fashion projects!

Let's start!

You will need: 

- Scrap fabric or old clothing of any material, but preferably something absorbent.  

- Scissors

-. Sewing machine that can do a zigzag stitch or hand needle.


First cut your fabric into 1 inch strips. 


Scrap fabric strips
It doesn't have to be super uniform, but more or less 1 inch wide will do. I also color sort the fabrics beforehand, so this one is mostly red with some whites. 

Second, slit the edges of the strip to tie them together without sewing. 

You can choose to do this all at once and create a kind of scrap fabric ball, to be used whenever.


Third, just braid!


I like to make the weave as tight as possible to have a neat looking finished product. When you reach the end of your braid, you can choose to fold and stitch to finish or leave it unfinished so it can be a growing piece. 

Time to sew!

You have to choose the right stitch for this. I use a zigzag stitch and increase the stitch length and width.


Next, rotate it with your left hand and keep sewing! 

If you are choosing to hand stitch, do a ladder stitch to put it together!

Lastly, clip off any stray threads and you are done! Choose to keep the ends open or tuck it in and sew it up, it’s your choice! 

For clearer video tutorial, watch my TikTok on the whole process! If you want to see more scrappy ideas, follow CheekyFeys on tiktok!


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