Current lead time is average 1- 2 weeks! Happy to do customized idea too!
Current lead time is average 1- 2 weeks! Happy to do customized idea too!
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The intricacies of children's clothing

Raeann Heng Looking good Styling tips

What makes clothing look good on its wearer? 

Answer: It's the fit. 

The right fit and style for your body shape gives you a nice silhouette - the same applies for children's wear. 

Personally, I have a slim 5YO with a lean build. Regular store-bought clothing usually look frumpy and oversized on her. That's why I decided to sew, creating clothes that fit her really well. 

Flex leggings

Regular retail leggings that fit her height are usually too baggy.

And now it's time for some big news... my latest collection will feature a new custom blended option for kids of all sizes! 

Have a chubbier or leaner child? No problem! You don't have to learn how to sew to give your child perfectly fitted clothes, let me help!

If adults come in all shapes and sizes, children do too!

Get perfectly fitted and fun clothes for your child with our new collection, coming soon on 14th of August 2021, 10am GMT+8. Be on our mailing list or follow our socials to stay in the loop for the launch!

We are also having a giveaway now! Guess the name of the new collection correctly and stand a chance to win a custom-made 3D mask!

To reward you for reading this article, here's a big bonus hint: The first word of the new collection is the name of a season starting with "Su". 


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