Orders are now open! Lead time is approx. 2-3 weeks. Thank you for choosing slow fashion.
Orders are now open! Lead time is approx. 2-3 weeks. Thank you for choosing slow fashion.
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About Us

Hey you! 

Thank you so much for taking the first step to wearing better. I started Cheeky Feys (sounds like face, but fey creatures are actually fairies), for my 2 little cheeky kids. I want them to wear better and be free - and unrestricted by fast fashion choices, which are slowing ruining the earth for them. 

Each piece is carefully thought out, designed and stress-tested by my little ones before they are available in the store! Designs are tested to see if they allow kids to tumble, run and dance while they are kept comfortable throughout the day. Our clothing labels are also mindfully placed to avoid irritation at the back of their necks, because kids are super sensitive to what touches their skin. 

With that in mind, our curated fabrics are fun, comfortable and sustainable, the perfect combination for children's clothing. I've always believed that sustainable clothing brands can have fun prints and designs too! 

Cheeky Feys uses locally available resources, since there are many available. Materials could come from local vendors, second-hand market or even upcycled from old clothing! In turn, this helps to limit carbon emission from textile factories and shipping processes. The circulation of resources means that when you buy a Cheeky Feys product, you are also supporting other local vendors involved in the supply chain.

You can also learn how to sew with us! This ensure a 100% ethical clothing production and it will fit you and your children so much better. Say bye bye to ill-fitting clothes!

So take your time to browse our stylish pieces, but grab them fast! Your actions today will ripple into a better future for our little ones.


Raeann and upcycling

XOXO, Raeann