Current lead time is average 1- 2 weeks! Happy to do customized idea too!
Current lead time is average 1- 2 weeks! Happy to do customized idea too!
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What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

Laurenzo Overee

Is it merely about cutting down the number of purchases?

What are the most sustainable options out there?

What’s the state of our ozone right now and how will sustainable fashion help? 

Current state of some forests.

The world moves at an extremely fast pace now. Creating more trash than 30 years ago. 

We will deal with all this and more as we spread the word of eco-sustainability.

How much do we know about big brands? What are they doing for the environment - what goes on behind those smiley and cheerful advertisements you see in departmental stores? Some things got to give.

It’s time we made a collective impact - it’s time to take our mission to the next level. We need to wake up and realize there’s really no planet B. Sure, we have begun Mars explorations but it’s still quite a ways to go before we have the first colony on the red planet. And even so, priority will probably go to astronauts, their families, and the filthy rich.

Is this really the kind of environment you want to leave behind?

So it’s not a faraway question - it’s a question that requires tackling now. Do you care for your babies, your babies’ babies? These are not abstract notions - not philosophy broached by long dead philosophers.

You save the forest and seas today and you’ll see a brighter future tomorrow. Simple as that. Yes it sounds harsh - why? Because it’s a serious issue. And one person could make a huge impact but collectively, we can shift the paradigm. 

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