Orders are now open! Lead time is approx. 2-3 weeks. Thank you for choosing slow fashion.
Orders are now open! Lead time is approx. 2-3 weeks. Thank you for choosing slow fashion.
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5 Ways to Start Living Sustainably

Raeann Heng

Sustainable Living.

Everybody's got habits, and the saying goes "old habits die hard". So what are some ways to start creating new sustainable and eco-friendly habits?

Live Minimally

Less can be more. 

That's of course easier said than done. But look around your house; how many items you own are a result of impulse purchases? Make a conscious effort to buy less, and you will be wasting less. That's one less thing to toss out next spring cleaning!

Buy Sustainably

Cheeky Feys clothing are ethically handmade to suit your sustainable lifestyle

Who made your clothes?

What does that mean? The word sustainable gets tossed out very frequently, but what does it truly mean to buy sustainably? 

It means to take a deeper look at the products that you are buying, from the source till it reaches your hands. Are the materials used sourced in a way where it doesn't harm the environment and human rights? Does the product have a long life or can biodegrade easily? These questions you ask will help you determine if the product you buy is sustainable or not. 

Reduce and Reuse

Glass bottles help reduce plastic uses

Plastic use harm the earth and the sea.

These 2 "Rs" are very important when making the switch to sustainable lifestyle. The goal is to consume less or if you must, consume more responsibly. For example, by using a Raeusables sandwich bag instead of a single-use plastic bag every time you buy a bun from the bakery. That really helps to reduce waste and you are reusing more from an eco-friendly bag. 

Say No to Plastic Bags

Reusable shopping bags

Zero waste FTW.

Plan your grocery shopping trips and bring your own bags, or even better, shop at the local market to further refuse plastic packaging from groceries.

No packaging = no waste = you won't need plastic bags to line your bins!

Ethical Fashion

Sustainable handmade breathable kids clothing for any occasion
The breeze shirt by Cheeky Feys is a sustainable choice for kidswear.

We get it, festivities are coming and there is no way to avoid buying new clothes. A good option would be to buy from ethically made fashion brands or support your local seamstress. By buying from these companies or individuals, you are directly supporting a family and not a corporation. 

Tie dyeing fabric is a good way to renew old clothing

Tie dyeing is a good way to renew old clothing.

Or simply choose to upcycle your old clothing by re-dyeing with environmentally friendly dyes and voila! You would have a new look without spending too much money. 

Start creating eco-friendly habits today for a better tomorrow!



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